We are pleased to announce the launch of IG@work, a digital service by SEV Hellenic Federation of EnterprisesInnovative Greeks, and Workable to connect highly qualified and skilled people with industry, and technology companies.

IG@work aims to attract talent both from within the country and from Greeks abroad who would like to repatriate, by featuring quality jobs in the Greek innovation ecosystem, in large industries, as well as technology startups and scaleups.

The platform already counts over 400 job ads from 88 companies, and we believe that it would be of great interest to your community/followers, so we invite you to share the news with themPlease find the proposed social media copy below, as well as visuals in various formats attached.

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IG@work: search among hundreds of job openings and send your application to some of Greece’s largest industries and most dynamic technology startups.

Find your next career opportunity, and apply directly here: https://www.igwork.gr/

IG@work is a new service by SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, @Innovative Greeks, and Workable.